If I Could Write

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I love to read the thoughts of those I love.  I enjoy getting emails, letters, and reading blogs.  I am always impressed by the way people express their thoughts. I am not a writer, and I don’t really have any especially grand thoughts, but there are days…like today…when my heart is full, and grateful, and bursting…and I think…If I could write, I would express all the beauty in my life that God has wrought. I would share these grand thoughts with the world and it would become transformed by them.

I’d like to write word pictures that would leave no doubt that God is lovely…and loving.  I hope my life conveys that Truth some.

I don’t have much in the way of material things, education, talent, or beauty, but I feel that I lead a most blessed life.  I am in love with God and every day with Him is exciting and sweet.  He is my Treasure, my Teacher, my Gift, and my Loveliness…and I can’t describe how it feels to know that I am His joy.

The Lord bless all who read here.


Love Interruption

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Love Interruption

(or Moments of Love)


Floating thoughts of you today,

And yesterday,

Every day since we embarked;

A Momentary heart pause,

Cheeks glow warm,

Eye sparkling tears,

Soul smile,

Our daughter’s voice plunged me back into a sea of reality.


I saw Autumn outside our open window,

The wind danced with the leaves,

Spotlighted by shimmering golds,

I heard strumming on the breeze,

Nature’s aria of beauty, of time, of love…of you…

Twinkling blue-aster eyes,

Framed memories,

Fall’s chilling gust blew the porthole shut.


I watched our children play in the meadow,

Imaginary sword fights,

Laughing tunes in harmonic shrills,

Ruddy cheeked and damp haired with exertion,

Dreaming dreams,

Who will they become?

Bound together in our designed calling.

The slamming screen door awakened me.


Reflecting on my own reflection,

Silver hay-wire strands framing,

A crow’s laughter trail,

Dull brown-green eyes ever-changing,

Unfamiliar to me now,

Known to you,

Your spirit understands mine,

I disappeared when I heard you call my name.

Poison Tree (Ghost Ship)

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I am alive, I will abide,

In the life-giving blood of Christ,

I’m grafted in, you’ve killed my sin,

Now I will live, I’ll live in Him.

This song is a beautiful picture of God’s regenerative work in the believer.


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A destined delight unknown, but known,

Baby shadow torn,

bloody born alone,

Less than ordinary among the dead,

New dead life dedication,

Isolated home.

Growing in childish ways,

Dull heart destructive,

Eye window haze,

Comforted by oblivion’s dark and distant unrest,

A fad of void wallowing,

Unsatisfied in unsatisfying lust.

Bosom torn by two-nature  incarnation,

Fractured heavenly unity,

Earthly coronation,

Cross-throned Brother bruised by God,

Wrath’s power unleashed,

Covenant love.

Words explode psyche and soul,

A Spirit witness,

Shattered parts made whole,

Undone and prostrate before pure fire,

Grace applied,

New name.

Divine Weapons

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I want every thought I have to be taken captive to the obedience of Christ, but unfortunately…

“For though we walk in the flesh, we are not waging war according to the flesh. For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but have divine power to destroy strongholds. We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ, being ready to punish every disobedience, when your obedience is complete.”

2 Corinthians 10:3-6

 Destroying strongholds with weapons of divine power.

 The battle of my sin, those strongholds that still exist in me, will be ongoing for as long as I’m alive. When I conquer one, another is soon revealed, and it always seems that the next stronghold requires even more divine power to destroy it.

 Sanctification is painful, but necessary. I don’t want to slow the process. I believe I do far too often.

 Discouragement and fear can overtake me. There are times when I don’t seem to notice they’re threatening to envelop me until I am nearly covered. I am on low ground in my soul when this happens. I am not in the heights with Christ. I am not thinking of His love, His truth. I am not praising Him for all things He brings to my life that are for my good.

 I want to be so trusting of Him, and of His plan, that I never worry, or dare to attempt anything in my own human efforts. I want to wage war with those divine weapons only…faith, prayer, fasting, the Word, praise, etc.

 I have moments when I resent nearly everything. I resent my medicine.  I resent the humidity. I resent life. I want an easy path. When I feel this way, I am really just resenting God’s will…cheapening my own sacred life experience, my destiny. He has given me the best path possible for me. I can trust that it will help me grow in Him, offer me an opportunity to walk in good works, and become so conformed to His image that I am simply hidden and the glory is all His.

 I want to wake up every morning, consecrate the day to Him, and thank Him for all that is in my life, all the blessings and trials that stretch and strengthen. I don’t do that enough.

 I want to fear only Him, but sometimes I fear only His plan for me. I fear men. I fear my own lack of belief and knowledge. Most of all, I fear that He will take everything from me. And yet, this is also the deepest desire of my soul, that I would give Him everything. Life as a believer is really a life of contradiction…one of two natures constantly battling one another, and so there’s no room for fleshly warfare…only divine weapons will do.

 This is a cry to be more like Jesus and to react to the challenges of life in a thankful manner. I want to be disciplined, and remember how He has loved me and brought me out of my sin.  I want to be brave.  I do not want to be afraid of embracing my destiny with a whole heart. His will, no matter where it may lead, is always the best…not just good enough, but the best. I want to be so full of faith that I never question or doubt His plan, but that I always have a sound view of my place in His economy.

Yes, this is a prayer.

 So, I pray that I do not hinder the process of sanctification too much or too often. I pray that I remain grateful for everything that He determines is necessary to bring my way so that I may be useful to Him…to His Kingdom.  I desire to be fully submitted to His plan so that He will receive ultimate glory. I want to be a soldier loyal to her King no matter what the cost.

I want a grateful heart.  I don’t want to just look on the sunny side, or be satisfied with a superficial sentimental outlook. I want to move forward soberly, deeply trusting in God and walking in faith…waiting in faith.

 I am extremely grateful for His grace, because my desires and actions do not always harmonize. I am thankful that He continues to examine my heart, lead, and discipline me, even when I am resistant and undeserving. 

And so I press on in hope and prayer…

The Lord bless all who read here.

Soul’s Love

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Soul’s Love

Waves of grief drenched and wearied,
Haunting cries consoled,
Sleeping hearts awakened,
In the night love words knitted souls together.

Too long in the waves, 
He sent refuge,
Soul’s Love,
Torrents and currents unable to overwhelm passions true flame,

Blooms, Scripture, and song,
A sacred covenant of oneness,
Joyous tears shed in a heavenly ceremony,
Two are now a flesh and bone creature alive together.

Sanctuary of rustic beauty,
Alone and warmed by the fires,
Unfettered emotion pulsing through heart-sap paths,
Love dances out the days in the moon’s glow and the sun’s rays

The Lord bless all who read here

Whisper Prayers

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“Mommy, would you pray for me?”  It was the soft voice of my daughter waking me.

We put our arms around one another and bowed our heads, and I whispered a prayer in her ear.  I could smell her hair, and feel the softness of her cheek…my lovely daughter.

Father God, thank you for my precious girl, my blessing.  Thank you for giving her life in you, and for helping her to learn and grow in your word.  Father, please help her to trust in You, and to cast her cares upon You…to not fear.  She is safe in Your care, and You love her so much that You sent Your Son to die for her.  She belongs to You.  Please grace her life with strength and a only a holy fear…take away all other fears…and cause her to see that she can trust in You.

Fear of the dark, the night, and the unknown.  I remember feeling that way as a little girl…petrified.  I would hug my stuffed animals, and place them all around me, and then sing songs quietly.  As I grew, my nightmares changed…they were memories, terrors.   I prayed and ask God to help me.  I quoted scripture in my mind until I drifted to sleep.  I am still learning to trust and fear Him only.

Fears and doubts are deceptive, but God’s word is true.  He is with me.  She is also learning this lesson.

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me. Psalm 23:4

“Mommy, God is helping me…He is reminding me to pray, sing, and say my verses.”   She grins a  wide grin.  “Look how clean my teeth are!”  They were  clean.  Bedtime was here again.  She was preparing herself.  Her pink night gown matched her little pink toes…so young.  I said a silent prayer.  “Give her peace in You tonight, Father.”   As I watched her kiss and hug daddy goodnight, I wondered if she would wake me again to whisper prayers for her.

The Lord bless all who read here.

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