Love Interruption

Love Interruption

(or Moments of Love)


Floating thoughts of you today,

And yesterday,

Every day since we embarked;

A Momentary heart pause,

Cheeks glow warm,

Eye sparkling tears,

Soul smile,

Our daughter’s voice plunged me back into a sea of reality.


I saw Autumn outside our open window,

The wind danced with the leaves,

Spotlighted by shimmering golds,

I heard strumming on the breeze,

Nature’s aria of beauty, of time, of love…of you…

Twinkling blue-aster eyes,

Framed memories,

Fall’s chilling gust blew the porthole shut.


I watched our children play in the meadow,

Imaginary sword fights,

Laughing tunes in harmonic shrills,

Ruddy cheeked and damp haired with exertion,

Dreaming dreams,

Who will they become?

Bound together in our designed calling.

The slamming screen door awakened me.


Reflecting on my own reflection,

Silver hay-wire strands framing,

A crow’s laughter trail,

Dull brown-green eyes ever-changing,

Unfamiliar to me now,

Known to you,

Your spirit understands mine,

I disappeared when I heard you call my name.

~ by dyingtoproduce on November 4, 2010.

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