A destined delight unknown, but known,

Baby shadow torn,

bloody born alone,

Less than ordinary among the dead,

New dead life dedication,

Isolated home.

Growing in childish ways,

Dull heart destructive,

Eye window haze,

Comforted by oblivion’s dark and distant unrest,

A fad of void wallowing,

Unsatisfied in unsatisfying lust.

Bosom torn by two-nature  incarnation,

Fractured heavenly unity,

Earthly coronation,

Cross-throned Brother bruised by God,

Wrath’s power unleashed,

Covenant love.

Words explode psyche and soul,

A Spirit witness,

Shattered parts made whole,

Undone and prostrate before pure fire,

Grace applied,

New name.

~ by dyingtoproduce on October 22, 2010.

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