Soul’s Love



Soul’s Love

Waves of grief drenched and wearied,
Haunting cries consoled,
Sleeping hearts awakened,
In the night love words knitted souls together.

Too long in the waves, 
He sent refuge,
Soul’s Love,
Torrents and currents unable to overwhelm passions true flame,

Blooms, Scripture, and song,
A sacred covenant of oneness,
Joyous tears shed in a heavenly ceremony,
Two are now a flesh and bone creature alive together.

Sanctuary of rustic beauty,
Alone and warmed by the fires,
Unfettered emotion pulsing through heart-sap paths,
Love dances out the days in the moon’s glow and the sun’s rays

The Lord bless all who read here

~ by dyingtoproduce on July 14, 2010.

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