Stay Spring A Little Longer

Early morning outing. Another bright white church shirt. Not long ago…February…one size smaller. A year of growth. This one will also be too small soon.

First time mom, wondering, reading, questioning, peacefully caught up in love for a moment…and then questioning again. Bursting from the love. Methods, brands, and philosophies gladly traded in for prayer, slightly used, and the Word.

Quickly plunged into another dimension that shapes character and person in a whole new way…we would be chisled out together and erected in our time as a testament of the frailty of mothers and sons and the miracle of God’s amazing grace.

In my arms, rocking together, heart humming, tears falling. God’s gift to nurture, to prune, to bring up in the holy way. His light to guide. A heart flood of fear and joy.

The child now nearly a man. I listen to him talk. He is wise and strong. He will seek things that are true, simple, and good. One day he will hold his own child and a vow will spring up in his heart too. Praying for a well lit path.

The signs are here. Tender leaves are now growing broader, thicker, and stronger, turning to a richer shade of green. Soaking in rain and sun very rapidly! Soon, the tender days of Spring time will fade away completely, and the Summer of young man becoming man will appear. Early fruits are the hope of a praying mother.

Unwilling to think about about Spring’s passing, there’s a resolve to go on with the moment’s work. Nourish, water, prune, stake. Protect from frost, storms, and theives. Pray for growth.

I will smile at the man, but secretly whisper to the little boy, ‘Stay Spring a little longer.’

~ by dyingtoproduce on June 19, 2010.

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