It Will Be Tomorrow Soon

My senses are aware even when my mind isn’t.  Emotions ache like old bones just before a storm.   A calendar.  It’s all clear to me at once.  I’ve been exhausted.  In a fog.  Restless.

May 18th, 2010 would have marked  Shaun’s 43rd birthday.  I’m not the only one remembering.  He was loved.  Shaun… God is Gracious.  We were graced.  I am thankful.  He made a huge impact in a short time.

I think about others.  Parents.  Sisters.  Friends.  People precious to him.  People he loved and helped.  His example taught me to really love others with my actions and words.

I felt honored and cherished.   When I was sick with our children, he was tender. He tried to meet every need.  When he couldn’t, he prayed for us.  I think about him with our children.  Patient.  Delighting in them.  Our family, his dream come true.  It’s nice to be a dream. God put us all together.

God carried Shaun back to Him.  We were just getting started.  An untimely event by human standards,  yet I know that He prepared me.  He was not surprised.  Our lives, our marriage, our family…all  full of Jesus. 

We would make it without each other.  We would accept His will.  I would be lonely.  Crushed.  Strong for my children.  They would weep.  God touched us.  Shelter from the storm.

These grief days come, and I look to God.  I remember, it will be tomorrow soon.  The grief waves will pass.   

It’s tomorrow now, but yesterday I remembered God’s gracious gift.

God bless all who read here.

~ by dyingtoproduce on May 19, 2010.

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