Eyes Open

Eyes Open

Two faces of a covering one,

Fallen vanity,

Not about me, before me

Yet, I walk through planted wrath weeds.

Eternal falsehood nature.

Mine won’t change now that I have passed from death to life.

Did you think It would?

How could it when it’s not mine?

Eyes open.

Lover of the distorted,

Original counterfeiter,

No power to build,

The foundation must be true.

Slither dust eating dragon,

Warp it, defile it, tear it down,

Peddle a living dream to the dead masses, package it in shining lies,

I know inside there’s filth that your blood could never cleanse.

Eyes open.


You’ve forgotten the words of the Revelator!

A brightly clothed demon swirling in flames down to the pit,

Beautiful to the blind,

On feathered wings,

You carry your empty message sealed with broken lives,

You fly along misty clouds of venom,

Burning up the eyes of gazing stone hearts,

Eyes Open.

This mirage,

This long dream of the dead,

A kaleidoscope of  colorless hope,

Wake and eat life, because the journey is too much for you.

The divine and natural nature of the Son lives on,

Breathe His breath,

Look to live on the true Serpent raised high in the wilderness

He bears your poison and mine.

Eyes open!

 God bless all who read here.

~ by dyingtoproduce on May 19, 2010.

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