Summer’s End

black-eyed susansGenesis 8:22 “While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease.”

This field of black-eyed susans reminds me of our pasture.  It’s thick with them now that  the sheep are gone.  The jersey calves are too young to eat it all, and so  Summer flowers bloom freely.

Summer is coming to a close and I am already missing it’s warm carefree days.   Fall is just up ahead.   A comforting thought.   It’s the latter part of August.  There’s already a chill in the air some nights.  I’m cozied up by our small fire next to Michael…he made me coffee. 

School has started.  With each beginning I tend to make new (school) year’s resolutions.    I will be more organized.   I will follow our schedule.   This time I want to come up higher.   God is taking me higher.   I feel Him like strength and energy to my soul.  I want to do them all while resting in His Spirit.  

The past years have worn me.  Sickness.  Death.  Sickness.  If not for God, then I would have worn away…His gift of love, of help, of friends and family.  I have been refined.

My spirit is revived…my health better.  I want to spend time with my Creator.  I want to take in Michael and our children…our good life.  I want to throw off the training wheels and apply my lessons…ever leaning on Him.  I want to cherish every sound, smell, and feeling…be thankful.  Teach. Learn. Grow.

God’s truths overwhelm me…stir my soul.  Refreshing.  Exciting!  I want Him to write them on my heart, and theirs…to speak of them to my children often.   God is good.

The Lord bless all who read here.

~ by dyingtoproduce on August 31, 2009.

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