Thankful Thoughts

1. God’s gift of salvation through Christ and His indwelling Comforter.

2. You gave me a longing for you…to see you face to face…I’m waiting.

3. Your Word…it saves, restores, nourishes, and light’s my way

4. Storms…in nature, and in my life, that cleanse and quench.

5. Routine…The daily deeds, readings, prayers, miracles, blessings, and trials that keep me abiding in You.  The daily walk of life, the trek of each day, that leads me closer to your Celestial City.

6. Waiting…for being ablet to trust you fully when you ask me to be still.  I can wait in faith.

7. Quiet…the silence of the night and the calmness of my soul resting in you.

8. Your silence.

9. Your  Seal of ownership on my life…I’m Yours.

10.  Nearness.

11.  Fear of You alone.


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