Lead Me ~ Santus Real

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A beautiful song for Fathers, but really for all parents and believers.


Reverse Thinking

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This reflects my personal experience too.

Sound of Love

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Sound of Love


Silent world,

Justice can see and hear but has no voice,

No one stands up to fear,

Expressionless faces hope neutrality suffices,

It does for cowards,

Silence doesn’t stop attacks,

It perpetuates them,

Victims harming victims,

Silent wicked world.

Innocent children,

Rejected and hated,

No one speaks up,

No one shines in the dark,

Only shadows of fear and silence guard.

Expressionless hearts,

Blind eyes watch the attackers mock,

The children are silenced,

Silent world of darkness.

Blamed and hated,

Non-existent crimes,

There’s a past that no one owns,

Hatred breeds hatred and it’s the inheritance of the divided,

Where are the loyal?

There’s no love for the truth,

Lies are disguised as love,

Quiet bloody battles continue,

Silent dead world.

Loved by You alone,

Renewed and refreshed in your light,

There’s only You,

Protector and Rest,

You gave me your name,

Your precious blood covers and washes me and my children,

I love you with all that is in my soul,

You sealed me with Your words,

They are the sound of Love.

You Will Never Come Back

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You Will Never Come Back


Dreamed of you,

It was like it was,

It was real,

We talked about things,

I saw your smile again,

It was us.

Awake again and you’re gone,

For a moment it’s like the first blow,

Grief floods over me,

I’ll forget again,

Days and names will slip away,

Sleep again.

You’re here once more,

We’re working on our house,

I can hear your voice,

The children are so happy to have you,

I’m happy,

It’s confusing.

Awakened by his voice,

I love him,

I love you,

It’s different now,

I’m sad for our children,

You will never come back.

It’s Been One Of Those Days…

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Something To Say

‘What was black and white is gray…’

Slaying another dragon, by God’s grace.


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‘The most precious think we will ever handle is the human soul’

Lenard Ravenhill

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On the cross He took my sin…

If you do not know Jesus Christ, you can only expect condemnation.  Jesus died so that we may live.  It comes only by faith.

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